Genie Francis stars in this inspirational holiday film about destiny. Francis plays columnist Peyton MacGruder who stumbles upon something that has an enormous effect on several people, including herself. After a plane crash off the coast, she discovers a note inside a plastic bag that has washed up on shore. Peyton realizes this was the last communication from one of the passengers on that ill-fated flight. The note is addressed to "T" and signed "Dad" so she searches the list of male passengers and proceeds to find out which ones had a child whose name begins with "T."

Peyton's desire is to locate the child and deliver the note to him/her by Christmas. Meanwhile, she is taking her readers along for the ride as she describes her efforts and the people she meets during her quest for the right person to whom the note was intended.

Peyton is encouraged by fellow columnist King Bernard (Ted McGinley) and during this time they discover they both have had difficult experiences in life. With a TV news reporter hot on her tail, intending to scoop her on her own story, Peyton is not deterred and forges on with her quest. But the outcome is even better than she ever imagined. The one short note that a passenger managed to scribble during his last minutes of life ends up being the catalyst that brings more people into her life and fills the holiday with an incredible destiny that no one ever imagined.

This is an enjoyable holiday film. Without religion, without preaching, this film is an inspiring story for the whole family. The Note premiers Saturday, December 8 at 9 PM ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.