Organ donation and transplantation is the focus of this new drama on TNT which stars Treat Williams as the head of the transplant division of St. Jude's hospital in Pittsburgh. Dr. Nathan Grant (Williams) believes in doing everything he can for his patients, to the extent of performing life-saving surgery on those who have been turned down by other hospitals. Grant's ex-wife (Kari Matchett) is the organ-donor coordinator for the transplant center and works tirelessly to get the organs needed to save the patients.

In the first episode Grant puts himself on the line to find a heart for a teenage girl. When the girl's mother tries to commit suicide so she can donate her heart to her dying daughter, Grant steps up and promises to make the next available heart fit the young girl, knowing it might be difficult but it could possibly be her last chance.

Grant is a caring man whose life centers on his job and his patients. His wife and daughter suffered for his commitment to his patients, and now he is trying to juggle being a divorced father and husband with his work saving lives. His compassion goes beyond the operating room. He has a connection with the organ donors, and even "sees" the donors when he looks at the recipients. This compassion and heartfelt desire to save lives is at the core of this man.

Dabney Coleman, Grant's mentor and the former head of the transplant center, is himself in need of a lung transplant, however this man refuses to take a lung that can save another life. To say that these doctors are caring is an understatement.

While Grant is focused on his patients, Dr. Simon (Chris William Martin), a first year fellow, is just trying not to get kicked out of the program, which isn't easy considering who he trying to impress. However the ICU nurse (Danielle Nicolet) encourages him to be more compassionate when dealing with his patients, a lesson he is slow to learn but soon discovers is a necessity in this business.

As far as medical dramas go, this one seems to have all the components of a successful series.

Heartland premieres Monday, June 18, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TNT

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