Lifetime has announced the premiere date for their A Tale of Two Coreys movie about the early stages of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim's tumultuous careers. They also released the first trailer, and it looks dark. The new Lifetime TV movie, executive produced by Feldman, based on the true story of the rise and fall of the "two Coreys," Feldman and fellow actor Haim, is set to premiere next month on Lifetime. The trailer was released today as well, and it features a third Corey for the soundtrack, Corey Hart, singing his hit 80s song "Sunglasses at Night."

A Tale of Two Coreys will debut on the Lifetime channel on January 6th, 2018 and it will focus on the beginning of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim's careers as well as their friendship into the dark Hollywood abyss. As previously mentioned, Feldman serves as executive producer of the movie, and only Entertainment Tonight was able to interview him on set, where he opened up about why it was important to tell his and Haim's story, nearly eight years after Haim died of pneumonia. Feldman had this to say about why he chose to do the project.

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"The only way I was willing to (be a part of this project) was with the understanding that the perspective came from both sides. I said, 'Look, he is not here to tell his own stories, so it's really not fair to kind of presume anything...the only way I can sign off on this is if you go back to interviews from things he said out of his own words, and you used those to be the story points.' So as long as a script follows the timeline based on his own words, then I am OK with it."

According to Corey Feldman, A Tale of Two Coreys is about his and Corey Haim's "legacy." The actor went on to say that nothing has been dramatized for the sake of drama. Feldman said, "There is not going to be some great fabrication. This is not dramatization. It's not going to be overly exaggerated for the purposes of drama." Feldman has been in the news a lot lately as has Haim with recent accusations that Charlie Sheen was the man who raped Haim on the set of Lucas. Haim's mother has also spoken out against Feldman's Truth Campaign and said that she knows the true identity of her son's abuser.

When it boils down to it, A Tale of Two Coreys is a way for Corey Feldman to show how his life and the life of Corey Haim were forever changed by the entertainment industry. The movie will also go into the aftermath for both of the child actors and how they dealt with the darkness that they both experienced at the hands of adults. Feldman also likes to say that they were pretty normal kids before they hit Hollywood. He explains.

"This is about... what kind of lives we lived growing up, what our lives were like, how they changed, how they were affected by being in the industry and the result and the aftermath. From my side, it is also showing that I was a normal kid. I lived a very normal life, other than the fact that everything around me was crazy."

A Tale of Two Coreys will premiere on the Lifetime channel on January 6th, 2018 and will have repeat showing after the debut. Though Corey Feldman plays down the drama aspect, there's certainly plenty of real-life drama. The official synopsis for the movie reads.

"Feldman (Elijah Marcano and Scott Bosely) and Haim (Justin Ellings and Casey Leach) skyrocketed to fame after working together on the blockbuster movie The Lost Boys and quickly became young Hollywood heartthrobs. They collaborated on popular comedies including License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream and basked in being Tinseltown royalty in their early teens. But as their stars rose, their lives began to quickly spin out of control with endless partying and drugs. As their fame and fortune increased, dark secrets haunted them. Young and impressionable, the actors suffered through years of sexual abuse at the hands of industry insiders."

A Tale of Two Coreys is executive produced by Feldman, Phil Shapiro, Jeffrey Schenck and Barry Barnholtz. Steven Huffaker directed with story by Corey Feldman, Schenck, Peter Sullivan, Hanz Wasserburger and Tejal Desai. The script is by Sullivan, Wasserburger and Jessica Dube. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Lifetime's YouTube channel.