Okay folks, save the date of March 21, 2006 because The Cryptkeeper Returns with Another Spooktacular Season! That's right, Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Third Season (all 14 episodes) will be made available for the first time!

Creeping back into your homes with more scare-rific tales, the Cryptkeeper, returns to DVD on March 21, 2006 in Warner Home Video's release of Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Third Season. The third season of this collector's set contains all 14 terrifying, uncut episodes in a three disc set featuring some gruesomely awesome talent.

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Among this spook-tacular cast is, Mariel Hemingway (The Contender), Jon Lovitz (The Stepford Wives), Whoopi Goldberg (Whoopi) and Michael J. Fox ("Spin City"). This horrific collection includes beloved episodes, "Loved to Death", "Top Billing" and "Dead Wait." And if you aren't shaking at the knees already, check out the bonus features including a Tales From the Crypt Reunion, A Tall Tales Panel and Crypt Jam-all of which are bound to scare you silly.

The Cryptkeeper is back with delightfully frightening stories full of horror, unexpected twists and a terrifying taste of black magic. Watch, if you dare, as a woman (Hemingway) is zapped by a love potion, a financial loser (Fox) fakes his death to avoid financial trouble, a struggling actor (Lovitz) strangles his way for a part, and a voodoo priestess (Goldberg) conjures a way to save the day.

Based on the legendary and gruesome EC Comics from publisher William Gaines, this horror anthology featured stories of murder, the super natural, gore and humor. Many viewers tuned in for the inevitable twist ending that the show provided. Although the Crpytkeeper was the host and spokes-corpse for the show, many other Hollywood A-listers including Lea Thompson, Robert Zemeckis and Joel Silver lent their talents to the weekly fright fest.

The success of the show was so great, that the series spawned a Saturday morning cartoon, a game show on CBS and two feature films. The series originally aired on HBO and was later syndicated to Fox, Sci-Fi Channel and AMC.

Special Features:

- Crypt Jam

- A Tall Tales Panel: A never-before-seen dissected look at Tales from the Crypt Season 3

- A Tales from the Crypt Reunion: A Panel Discussion

Technical Specs

- Language: English

- Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

- Run Time: 336 Minutes