The man who calls himself the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be will be co-starring with an '80s child star in an all-new horror movie. Called Tales from the Dead Zone, the new movie will star wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart alongside Corey Feldman. As an anthology movie, four separate stories will be explored, connected by an overall story arc that wraps them together. It's presented from the point of view of a medical examiner performing autopsies on the victims of a deadly car crash, imagining what their lives must have been like prior to the incident.

Concerning the cast, it appears there are many horror fans not very receptive to the idea of seeing a movie co-starring Bret Hart and Corey Feldman. "We get messages from people, who think it's a disaster," says director Barry J. Gillis. "It just boggles the mind. To me it's been a great idea since day one. Both are true professionals, and great actors. I'm happy with their performances." If nothing else, the bizarre randomness of the casting will at least have people talking, which will help Tales from the Dead Zone be seen by more people.

Of course, Corey Feldman first rose to great fame as a child star in the '80s, appearing in a variety of cult classic movies. He had major roles in such seminal movies as The Goonies and The Lost Boys, becoming famous worldwide before reaching adulthood. Feldman also starred as Jason's nemesis Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, and wound up reprising the role for a cameo in the sequel A New Beginning. To celebrate his history in the franchise, Feldman will also be making an appearance in the Friday the 13th reunion movie 13 Fanboy from director Deborah Voorhees. Additionally, Feldman is also working on his own movie, which is a documentary purported to explore the serious issue of pedophilia in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Hart's career was mostly spent in professional wrestling with the WWE, though he does have some acting credits to his name. In 1994, he actually had a special cameo in Oliver Stone's uber-violent movie Natural Born Killers as a prison inmate, although the scene was deleted from the theatrical cut. He would go on to make many TV appearances over the coming years, which includes a recurring role on Lonesome Dove: The Series, showing up on the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids show with his brother Owen, and even providing the voice of himself on an episode of The Simpsons. In 2004 and 2006, Hart also played the Genie in a stage production of Aladdin in Canada. Hart is also set to star in another horror movie from writer and director Nigel Hartwell called The Demented.

Tales from the Dead Zone will officially release sometime in 2020. Hopefully, it will be the first of many movies to feature Corey Feldman teaming up with a pro wrestling legend. You can watch the official trailer below, courtesy of Tales from the Dead Zone on YouTube.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick