Zack Snyder has apparently impressed the folks at Warner Bros. enough that they've agreed to fund a special extra for the DVD release of Watchmen. A source at tells us that Tales of the Black Freighter will be filmed as an extra for the DVD.

Tales of the Black Freighter is a comic book that appears within the pages of the Watchmen comic which casts insight into the main plot. The comic is read by a teenage boy as he sits by a newsstand while the proprietor discusses current events with his customers. The issues shown in Watchmen tell the tale of a castaway who is desperate to return home, to warn his family of the arrival of the Black Freighter - a phantom pirate ship which carries the souls of the dead. In order to escape he builds a raft out of the bodies of his crewmates, kills a couple to disguise himself in the man's clothing, and attacks and kills a night watchman who is patrolling his home. However, it turns out that this watchman is actually his wife. The man quickly realizes that the destruction he feared would come to his family has all been a result of his own efforts. He returns to the beach to see the Black Freighter coming for the only soul it ever intended to collect.

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Fans of the Watchmen comic feared that there would be no way that Zack Snyder could include Tales of the Black Freighter in the Watchmen movie, so this news should come as a relief to them.

Zack Snyder had previously said he wanted to use Gerard Butler, who he worked with on 300, in Watchmen, and many were disappointed to see that Butler's name was not on the cast list. Perhaps Snyder will feature Butler in Tales of the Black Freighter?