Margot Robbie is in talks to reunite with her Focus directors Glenn Ficara and John Requa for the true story adaptation The Taliban Shuffle, alongside Tina Fey.

The plot is adapted from Kim Barker's memoir that focuses on her time as a war correspondent in Kabul, Afghanistan. The book follows her journey from being a fish out of water after first arriving, to writing stories about militants, while examining the promiscuous culture of war correspondents and the violence around them. Tina Fey is playing Barker, with Margot Robbie portraying a "hard-core on-air news anchor" who befriends Barker in Afghanistan. The anchor is described as being very competitive, who will do anything it takes to get the story, including putting others in danger.

Glenn Ficara and John Requa are directing from a script by Robert Carlock, adapted from Kim Barber's memoir, with Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels producing.

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We reported earlier this month that Margot Robbie is in talks to join Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad, although that won't start shooting until the spring of 2015. While there may be a window for Margot Robbie to shoot The Taliban Shuffle next year, she also needs to make room to promote Focus.

This report from The Hollywood Reporter also reveals that she is no longer attached to star in The Mountain Between Us for Fox. The actress recently wrapped production on Warner Bros.' Tarzan, where she plays Jane.