The actress discusses working with the Man of Steel, acting with Kevin Spacey for a second time and doing wirework

Somebody up there likes Kate Bosworth.

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How else to explain landing a role in her first film The Horse Whisperer (starring and directed by Robert Redford), starring in Blue Crush and then working alongside Kevin Spacey as Sandra Dee in his Bobby Darin opus Beyond the Sea? It is apparent that Bosworth was meant to do big things. As a result, it should suprise nobody that she is playing Lois Lane in one of most anticipated films of the year, Superman Returns.

Is there a serenity to playing Lois Lane? Like, Lois Lane is important but it is Superman?

Kate Bosworth: You know what? I felt like I had a unique experience on this one mainly because of Bryan Singer. I went in and met with him and he enforced to me how important the characters were, and how important the emotion and the story is to the film. Rather than just making it a tremendous spectacle and an amazing event and visual effects... we all know that, hopefully, they're gonna look great. What I think was mainly Bryan's focus was the relationships between the characters and the development that they have. Obviously, I think that many, many films look flashy and exciting and cool but I think what Bryan's done for this film and what is really exciting, is made comic book characters seem important and relatable and that you care for them.

If Lois is such a great reporter how come it takes her boyfriend to point out, "Superman was gone for five years. Clark was gone for five years..."

Kate Bosworth: (Laughing) Oh come on, that's the fun of the film! My god, if we really wanted to be serious about that, I mean, it's ridiculous. It's part of Superman. It's how it was written. That's the fun, that's the magic. That's the way it is.

Why does Lois Lane have to be a brunette? Why can't she be a blonde?

Kate Bosworth: I wanted her to be a brunette just because I felt that... that's history. You know? You don't want to rewrite history that way. Just keep that the way it is.

If you could fly, how often would you use it and what would be the first place that you would go to?

Kate Bosworth: I'd use it all the time and I'd probably go into outer space, you know? I'd go where Superman goes to listen and see the earth from that point of view.

Did you know when you were doing Beyond the Sea that you and Kevin Spacey were going to be teaming up again?

Kate Bosworth: I hoped so because Kevin and I... I just adore him and we get along so well. We just have such a special relationship. I hoped so. I didn't know it was going to be so quickly, but it's been an absolute joy and I'm loving it.

Do you like wirework?

Kate Bosworth: Well, it's fun the first time they hoist you up and then the second time is where it becomes the reality of how uncomfortable it all is. It was incredible. I felt very lucky because I got to fly with Superman. There's so few people that get to say that, so I felt very fortunate the whole time. Although, it was not the most comfortable situation. Hanging from wires on a harness is pretty uncomfortable.

The airplane sequence was really, really full on. We did some work on first unit on that sequence and then they moved it all to second unit. So I would work, get thrown around on second unit, then I'd have to go work on first unit in the afternoon on a scene. So, that was a lot of work for me actually.

Can you talk at all about working with Brandon?

Kate Bosworth: Well, the first time that I met Brandon we were in a screen-test. He already had the part and I was going to audition. I was given two scenes. One, as him as Clark Kent and one... him being Superman. I just remember the first time I worked with him, I think he's done such a tremendous job. He plays it spot on, I think, and it's a really hard thing to do. I always say to people, "You don't realize how tough this role is." Because there's so much subtlety involved. If you play it too obvious it would be ridiculous. It would be totally ridiculous. And I think he just plays it with such a quiet strength as Superman, and a really sweet, clumsy Clark Kent. I just saw a lot more emotion in him that we hadn't perhaps seen before. I think we got to see the human side of Superman. That wasn't really tapped into.

Can you talk at all about Lois's dilemma having to choose between Superman and Richard White (James Marsden)?

Kate Bosworth: Obviously, Superman is her great love. I think that everyone can relate to the fact of having that one person in their life where they have your heart, you know? You can't explain it. It's what's meant to happen in this lifetime. Then you have those other people that you may come across and they're so wonderful and dependable, but they just don't capture you in that way. I think, that's in relationships, the human dilemma. Human beings are complicated when it comes to love. It's not an easy route.

When you go to audition are you nervous?

Kate Bosworth: Absolutely. I get so nervous. Any time I have to do a talk show, or if I'm doing these kind of interviews. I'm more comfortable now because I've been doing them for awhile. Any time where you feel vulnerable. Or, you're putting yourself out there to a group of people you don't know very well is intimidating. It's just the way it goes.

Did you talk with the woman who played Lois Lane in the 1948 Superman Show

Kate Bosworth: Noel Neill, yes I did, she was lovely. She was really inspiring because she was obviously older and she's so lively and sharp and intelligent. It's a long flight from Australia to L.A. and I was pretty wiped out. She was just ready to go and excited and I just thought, "Man, I hope I have her spunk when I'm that age, you know?"

Did she talk about the role?

Kate Bosworth: She didn't, actually, because she's playing a role in this. So she was very much focused on what she had to do and she just had fun.

Superman Returns opens nationwide on June 28th, 2006.