The daughter of Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Terry Bradshaw discusses participating in this show

Nashville is a new reality show about a group of young people who are trying to break into the country music industry. Rachel Bradshaw, the daughter of former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Terry Bradshaw, is one of the participants in this new series which airs on FOX. She answered questions about her newest project, Nashville, which is scheduled to premier September 14.

Did your father try to sing country at one time?

Rachel Bradshaw: He did.

Do you think if you invoked your last name more, would it necessarily cause barriers for you in trying to pursue a country music career since his fame was in such another area?

Rachel Bradshaw: No, I think the last name definitely just helps me. He's a lovable guy, and if I threw it out there in the music industry, people already love him, so I feel like it's a good thing - no barriers.

Since he did try country music, did he give you any advice?

Rachel Bradshaw: You know what? He's done gospel too. My whole life, you know, we've always done little duets and stuff.... He's just [told me] "Do what you love to do." And it's the love of my life.

Did you want to be right in Nashville?

Rachel Bradshaw: I knew I wanted to move to Nashville. My dad said, "It doesn't matter. You have to go to school." And of course, country music [means] Belmont [University]. I had a lot of friends that went there, and they said it's just a great experience for the music -- or the business aspect and then, of course, the music, for country music.

How about the pilot? Was it still a bit of a shock to see yourselves in the pilot for the first time?

Rachel Bradshaw: It's surreal.

Will your father be on the show?

Rachel Bradshaw: He'll make an appearance.

How do you get comfortable having the camera around all the time?

Rachel Bradshaw: In the beginning, you're so paranoid. You're like, "Oh, my gosh." You start saying something; you're like, "Should I be saying this?" Then you get to the point where you're like, "You know what? This is my life. I am who I am. If they love it, they love it. If you hate it, you hate it." You know, everybody is just being themselves, and that's why I think this show's going to be awesome.