People are starting to freak out over the Tangled and coronavirus similarities. Social media has been the way that a lot of people all over the world are spending their time since everybody is supposed to stay indoors. With people spending so much time at home, they have been watching a lot of movies and TV shows to help pass the time and forget about the world for a few hours. As it turns out, Tangled is a movie that a lot of people have been gravitating towards.

In Tangled, Mandy Moore's Rapunzel is abducted by Mother Gothel and confined to an isolated tower in the village of Corona. The main character is basically quarantined, like everybody else across the world, so we can all relate. However, the Corona village aspect is hitting a little too close to home for some Disney fans. "Remember the film Tangled? and how she was locked up in a castle?? AS IF the castle was called CORONA castle... shame we're not living a fairy tale, I'd rather be locked up in a castle tbf," one social media user said.

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Obviously, these similarities have sent some people down the conspiracy theory path. Another person on social media said, "So [in] the movie from Disney Tangled, the girl is not allowed out of the castle. The kingdom is called Corona. Coincidence!! [?] I don't think so." Glen Slater, who worked on Tangled as a lyricist joked, "I just want to say, I didn't sell ANY stocks based on this information." His statement is based on Republican senator Richard Burr's actions of selling off his stocks before the coronavirus tanked the world's economy.

Yes, Rapunzel is practicing social distancing to keep her away from Corona in Tangled. That's where the similarities end. Disney did not predict the coronavirus epidemic a decade ago. If they did, they currently wouldn't be losing millions of dollars by the day. This is just some entertainment to help pass the time while we're all indoors, trying to stay sane. There will more than likely be some conspiracy videos popping up all over the place with the coronavirus and Tangled, so let's hope they're decently put together for the entertainment purposes.

The coronavirus is here and it doesn't seem like it will be going away any time soon. Gyms, movie theaters, bars, and other places where people congregate have been shut down in many states across North America. The whole country of Italy is on full lockdown, only allowing citizens to visit grocery stores and pharmacies, which could very well end up happening in North America too. So, everybody should just remain indoors for the time being and provide us with more social media fun, like the Tangled and coronavirus connections. You can check out some tweets talking about the similarities below, and then head over to Disney+ to stream Tangled.