The Weinstein Company announced today that they will distribute Quentin Tarantino's Western The Hateful Eight. Principal photography is slated to begin early next year, with a fall 2015 release being planned.

Here's what The Weinstein Company co-chairmen Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein had to say about the project in a joint statement.

"We are incredibly excited to begin production on The Hateful Eight, as we know this picture will be as innovative, brash and of course fun as all Quentin projects prior. There is, quite simply, no other filmmaker like him, and we are as proud as ever to continue this partnership that started over twenty years ago."

The Western will be shot on 65MM film, with the studio planning the widest 70MM release in over 20 years. The Weinstein Company will also distribute the film in 35MM and DCP formats, following the exclusive 70MM release. The story follows a group of strangers who find themselves trapped in a tavern during a treacherous blizzard, and learn they all share a dangerous connection to one another.

No cast members have been confirmed at this time, but we reported in July that the director plans on assembling the entire cast from his live reading of the screenplay. Those cast members include Bruce Dern (The Confederate), Samuel L. Jackson (The Bounty Hunter), Kurt Russell (The Hangman), Amber Tamblyn (The Prisoner), Walton Goggins (The Sheriff), Michael Madsen (The Cow Puncher) and Tim Roth (The Little Man) and James Remar. We also reported last month that Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence may join the cast, but that has not been confirmed.

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Richard N. Gladstein, Stacey Sher and Shannon McIntosh will serve as producers, with Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein executive producing along with G. Mac Brown.