Quentin Tarantino has been swept up in the sexual misconduct tidal wave that has rocked Hollywood ever since producer and longtime friend Harvey Weinstein was accused of rape and other egregious acts against women last year. Tarantino tried to distance himself from Weinstein, who produced most of Tarantino's movies, including Pulp Fiction and The Hateful Eight. He even jumped his new Manson-themed movie over to Sony to get away from The Weinstein Company. But a new report claims this 60s era drama is on shaky ground. Could it be in danger of cancelation?

While Tarantino only offered minimal insight into his relationship with Harvey Weinstein after the scandal broke, he was fully forced into the spotlight this past month when Uma Thurman called him out for helping to cause an accident on the set of Kill Bill that left her permanently injured. They have since made up, and seem to be on good ground. But just a day after Thurman made her accusations against the filmmaker for engendering her life, another report came out, which unearthed old audio from the Howard Stern Show, where Quentin gave his full support to Roman Polanski, and suggested that Polanski's 13 year old rape victim was to blame for that particular incident.

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Tarantino has been trying to lay relatively low through the hail storm of sexual misconduct allegations, as he casts his new movie set in 1969. It's his 9th movie, purported to be his second to last as a director. It will follow two stuntmen in Hollywood with the Manson murders used as a backdrop. Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be a lock for one of the actors, while Tom Cruise is being targeted to play DiCaprio's go to stuntman. And Margot Robbie has long been rumored to play Sharon Tate. There has also been news that Tarantino is searching for an unknown Polish actor to play a younger Roman Polanski, who was married to Tate at this time.

There are a number of Manson-themed movies coming out to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Sharon Tate's death. The release of Tarantino's 9, as it is being referred to in the press falls on the actual date of her murder. I Shot Andy Warhol director Mary Harron is shooting Charlie Says with former Doctor Who star Matt Smith. And actress Hillary Duff recently caught the ire of Sharon Tate's sister for her new Manson era movie, The Haunting of Sharon Tate. These are all breaking at the same time.

Tarantino's movie is a lot bigger then these other two, with a reported budget of $200 million. Showbiz 411 claims Sony is having second thoughts about the movie, all stemming from the Polanski comments that are over a decade old, and his troubles with Uma Thurman on set, with the initial report claiming that Tarantino spit in Uma's face during a scene, and chocked her out, all of which the director doesn't disagree happened, but claims he had the consent of his actress, and that these were all tactics used to shoot the movie in the way he needed.

Showbiz 411 claims that Quentin Tarantino may have to bail on the studio, whom he chose after they agreed to his special set of demands in making the movie, which was sold as a big drama that has a lot of commercial appeal. It's possible that he will need to find independent financing. Neither Tarantino nor Sony have commented on this yet. And for now, things look to be moving ahead as planned.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange