It's not the real thing, but a fake trailer for Tarantino's Star Trek Movie is pretty amazing. The world is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Quentin Tarantino's mystery, R-rated Star Trek movie. It's in the early stages of development right now and mostly shrouded in mystery, so it's hard to say what it is we're going to see when and if this thing ever actually sees the light of day. Thankfully, a new fake trailer for the movie has arrived online, showing us what a Tarantino Star Trek movie could look like. Unsurprisingly, it looks pretty great, but unlike any Star Trek movie you've ever seen.

Nerdist put this trailer together and the movie they've come up with is billed as Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek: Voyage to Vengeance. It has a great many things fans have come to expect from a Quentin Tarantino movie, including surf rock guitar, some familiar font, one-liners, blood, guns, women and, naturally, Nazis. There's also plenty of standard Star Trek business going on here as well, with phasers, space battles and Captain Kirk doing his Captain Kirk thing. Just more violently this time, because this is a Tarantino movie we're talking about here. And there's a pretty excellent/terrible tagline thrown in for good measure.

"Set your phasers to thrill"

This particular take on what the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek movie could look like envisions the cast from Star Trek: The Original Series taking on Nazis and trying to do a little bit of course-correction in the history books. Maybe they could cross paths with Brad Pitt's gang from Inglorious Bastards? Unfortunately, the original cast is far too old to make this particular vision happen. Still, taking to Twitter, William Shatner responded to a fan and said that he'd be willing to star in the movie, assuming the script is good.

"Depends on the script but if it was good then absolutely. Why not?"

Typically, when talking about a Quentin Tarantino movie, the script being good is never really an issue. But this is a pretty unique and interesting situation. The whole thing came together as a result of Tarantino pitching the idea to J.J. Abrams. He then pitched it to Paramount and, after meeting with quite a few writers, it was decided that Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) would pen the screenplay for this R-rated Star Trek adventure. So, even though the idea came from Tarantino's mind, he's not the one actually writing it.

That said, Mark L. Smith is quite accomplished in his own right and this movie isn't going to get made if the script isn't great. So that shouldn't be a big concern. As of right now, the idea is for Quentin Tarantino to direct it, if he winds up liking it enough to do so. He's busy prepping his Manson movie, which is simply known as #9 for right now. But after that, it looks like he could be for real directing a Star Trek movie. While we wait for that to become a reality, be sure to check out the trailer for Star Trek: Voyage to Vengeance, courtesy of the Nerdist YouTube channel, for yourself below.

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