Upcoming Tarantino / Travolta Project: According to Moviehole, Quentin Tarantino may be directing John Travolta in a proposed airline disaster flick...

The renowned writer-director is in talks with Miramax to do an airplane thriller, with Travolta fittingly cast as the film's pilot. Not unexpectedly, considering Tarantino's love for the old classics, his film will have an Airport/Towering Inferno-like disaster story intertwined in it - in this case, the ultimate airline disaster.

The flick, which Tarantino also hopes to have "Jackie Brown" lead Pam Grier co-starring in, is planned to happen as soon as he finishes work on his World War II pic "Inglorious Bastards", which he apparently couldn't find a role for JT in (Kill Bill) either. It's in draft stage.

A small bit on the status of the proposed 'Vega Brothers' film which spins off of Pulp Fiction:

According to our scooper, it's dead as a doornail - never to happen.