Kill Bill:Aint It Cool News is stirring up the pot of rumors about Tarantino's Kill Bill being split into 2 films, which have been on the minds of fans for months now. Seems like the official word will come from the panles this weekend at Comic-Con which we'll be there to cover. Here's the latest from Harry at AICN:

David Carradine said that the film would be split quite some time ago and was denied by all involved at the time. Well, apparently it is under serious consideration. I'm hearing that Quentin is wanting it to come out as KILL BILL Volume 1 and KILL BILL Volume 2, as he has completely thought of this as being a cinematic book in many ways.

So what's the lowdown? I hear that no matter what we'll be getting a Quentin Tarantino film released on OCTOBER 10th, and I hear that some time after that we'll probably be getting another one. What's interesting about this for me is that as far as I know, this is the first time that a major Hollywood film has done this since CLEOPATRA, however... Stephen Chow did this back in 1994 with the amazing CHINESE ODYSSEY and CHINESE ODYSSEY PART TWO --- You really must get your hands on those two.

When will we get official news on this? I'm not sure... there's a big KILL BILL thingee happening at San Diego Comic Con this coming weekend and if there's a chance of it breaking officially, that's probably where it will get unleashed. No matter what, I'm happy as can be, because this means we're not going to get some insanely truncated version of the film in theaters and two it means we won't have to buy Depends either. I just wonder if he'll leave us at a cliffhanger or if he's re-working things a bit to provide an easy exit and a great opening for a second film... Wish I read Chinese or Japanese characters... that's the only format I have for the two copies of the shooting script I have. Want to read the SUPERMAN speech dammit! Want to read Sam Jackson's dialogue in the church!