It seems that retailers trying to lure consumers have ended up frustrating them more than anything else.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, it appears that some fans of Prison Break have inadvertently gotten the shaft.

Trying to get fans of the show to buy it from Target or Best Buy, the stores offered a bonus disc exclusive to that store in each set.

"Best Buy's offering included a bonus DVD with all 26 of the two-minute 'mobisodes' (mobile phone episodes) of the Toyota-sponsored spinoff series 'Prison Break: Proof of Innocence.'"

"Target advertised a special bonus disc that would include a 'Behind the Walls' featurette and footage from the show's wrap party."

Things got dicey when Target shoppers bought the set because they wanted the aforementioned special features, but they ending up getting the "mobisodes" instead.

Fox took care of the situation, by offering a telephone "hotline" that consumers could call to get the correct disc.