HBO is refusing to give any comment on its possible True Detective Season 2 casting, but shortly after it was announced that Colin Farrell was in talks for one of four main leads, it was revealed that Taylor Kitsch is being eyed by the network to also star in the hit HBO drama series.

Colin Farrell will play the older lead male detective if he signs on, with Taylor Kitsch playing his younger partner. HBO programming president Michael Lombardo commented earlier in the week that an official casting announcement is coming soon.

An insider claims that Colin Farrell fills the character type HBO is looking for, a true movie star who is both rugged and gritty. The actor is said to be very close to signing his deal. At this time, it's not known if Taylor Kitsch has officially entered negotiations.

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Tron: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund is also rumored to be entering talks for a role in True Detective, although its not known if it's the same role as Taylor Kitsch. Nic Pizzolatto revealed yesterday that there will be four main leads that need to be filled. If they are competing for the same role, its believed that Taylor Kitsch has a strong edge over his competitor.

This new report claims that Christian Bale was up for the Colin Farrell role, but had to pass due to scheduling issues. It also claims that Jessica Chastain passed for the same reason, but those involved with the show have stated in the past that she was never approached about the project.

Despite Nic Pizzolatto's insistence that there are going to be four main leads, those close to the production who have read the script say there are only three main characters. It should be noted, though, that only the first two episodes have been turned into HBO. It's quite possible that a fourth lead character won't be introduced until the third or fourth episode.

At this time, its believed that Colin Farrell's character will be the main focus of True Detective's next run of episodes.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange