According to Variety, Curb Your Enthusiasm co-star Jeff Garlin and Phil Rosenthal have set up at TBS the series pilot The Jeff Garlin Program, which Garlin describes as a throwback to the Jack Benny-style variety hours in which the hosts play themselves.

Garlin will star, and he'll exec produce alongside "Everybody Loves Raymond" creator-exec producer Rosenthal and 3 Arts manager David Miner. Garlin wrote the pilot with "Kicking & Screaming" scribes Steve Rudnick and Leo Benvenuti.

A cross between "Curb" and The Larry Sanders Show, the multicamera comedy kicks off in a show-within-a-show, with Garlin onstage opening his fictional variety skein. Pilot then flashes back to the week prior and the incidents that inspired that variety show episode -- everything from a run-in with Garlin's celeb friends to a dust-up with family members.

 Garlin will play a version of himself -- one that pals around with Justin Timberlake and Will Ferrell, lives next door to "neighbor-producer" Rosenthal (who will star in a recurring role) and runs into big-name comedians at the bank.