Tea Leoni and David Duchovny are set to produce the adaptation of the article, American Dreamers, a book by former Reader's Digest editor Peter Canning.

The couple likely won't appear in the film; according to a statement from Leoni from Variety, "This is what happened to their American dream, when it got filtered through the right wing." Canning, a 25-year vet of the mag who rose to managing editor, writes that the magazine's idealistic goals got compromised as it grew into a juggernaut after WWII. It became a pulpit for a conservative agenda, and the founders allowed it to be used as a tool by the CIA and the FBI. The founders also lost themselves when they became rich and passive as people pawed for money and control of their empire. "They were manipulated by a system that was so much bigger than they were. The wealthier they got, the more vulnerable they became," Leoni said.

No production schedule has been set on American Dreamers.