2016 was a great year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America: Civil War served as a huge shakeup for the Marvel heroes and Doctor Strange opened up an entirely new corner of the Marvel Universe to play in. While both movies were received very well by fans and critics, it is arguable that it was Thor and his human roommate Darryl who were the best thing to come out of Marvel Studios last year when the Team Thor short was released. Now, in anticipation of the upcoming Blu-ray release of Doctor Strange, Marvel has released a brand new Team Thor video.

Doctor Strange was released on digital platforms today, just in time for everyone to have a magical Valentine's Day. But the big excitement is that Marvel released a brand new video, which is a segment from the upcoming Team Thor: Part 2, which will be available in its entirety on the Blu-ray release for Doctor Strange. In the video, we get to see Thor trying to pay his half of the rent with Asgardian currency, and a pumpkin. Darryl is having a tough time explaining to Thor why that won't work, despite the fact that these Asgardian coins are worth a "gazillion" human dollars. It is pure gold. This is probably the last time we will see Thor before Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters this November. If we're lucky, maybe Darryl will show up in that movie as well.

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For those who may not know or may need a little refresher, Team Thor surfaced online last year after first debuting at San Diego Comic-Con. The short featured Thor and his human roommate Darryl and shows what he was up to during the events of Captain America: Civil War. The short was directed by Thor: Ragnarok helmer Taika Waititi and was a massive sensation. There was even a petition started by some fans to try and get a Team Thor Netflix series, so there is a lot of demand from Marvel fans for some more Thor and Darryl action. Or non-action, really, when compared to what the God of Thunder is normally up to.

It makes total sense that Team Thor: Part 2 will be showing up on the Doctor Strange Blu-ray, since The Sorcerer Supreme will be teaming up with Loki and Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, which was revealed in the post-credits scene in the movie. In addition to having Benedict Cumberbatch along for the ride in Thor 3, Mark Ruffalo will be reprising his role as Hulk, but he also showed up as Bruce Banner in the first Team Thor. So, there is a chance he could show up in Team Thor: Part 2, or maybe Stephen Strange will make an appearance? We'll have to wait and see, but at least in this clip, it is just pure, simple Thor and Darryl goodness.

Thor: Ragnarok is set for release on November 3, which will hopefully be able to improve on Thor: The Dark World, which is certainly on the lower end of the quality scale for movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Doctor Strange is available on digital platforms today, with the Blu-ray release set for February 28, which is when we can see Team Thor: Part 2 in its entirety. In the meantime, you can check out the brand new clip from the new Team Thor for yourself below.

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Ryan Scott