According to Variety , Technicolor recently announced that its 3D-on-film solution has found support from DreamWorks Animation, Lionsgate, Paramount, Overture, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., and the Weinstein Co.

All of these studios plan to put out films in the format.

The Technicolor system "looks to address the shortage of digital 3D screens by using conventional celluloid film prints capable of 3D imaging."

None of the exhibitors have said that they will install the system, but Technicolor's president of strategy, technology and marketing, Ahmad Ouri, has said that he expects to announce the initial deployment deals for Technicolor 3D at ShowEast next week.

"There has been a little bit of chicken and egg," he stated, "so we are pursuing a strategy of getting content owners and studios on board first."

Of the seven companies he went on to say, "If we have screens available, then they will release their content in this format." Combined, they have 17 stereoscopic 3D (S3D) releases that are planned for release in 2010.

Absent from Technicolor's announcement are Fox, which happens to have James Cameron's S3D opus Avatar which hits Dec. 18. Disney was also absent from the list.

"We're fully committed to the digital 3D solution," a Disney rep said. "We think it provides the highest quality to the moviegoing experience. We've been committed to this format dating back to our first Disney Digital 3D release with Chicken Little."

Fox had no comment.

It seems like the lackluster history of S3D on film may be the reason for Disney and Fox to hold back their support.

The new system apparently updates the "over-under" way for showing S3D on film. "To date, the current S3D wave has used digital projection only, with the exception of traditional Imax screens that showed S3D from 70mm prints."