We recently passed along word that The Orville and A Million Ways to Die in the West star Seth MacFarlane still plans to make a theatrical movie based on his hit animated series Family Guy. But what about a possible third entry in the beloved Ted series co-starring Mark Wahlberg? Well, today we have word that MacFarlane would absolutely be open to Ted 3!

Seth MacFarlane says this.

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"I would absolutely be open to it. I had a ball doing those movies.I mean the Ted movies were a blast. Wahlberg was a blast. I had great fun doing that. I don't know... It's hard with a sequel past a certain number of years."

While I was unsure if the world needs a theatrical movie based on MacFarlane's animated series Family Guy, I can say without a doubt that I think a third film in the Ted saga is just what the doctor ordered. Sure, the second film wasn't as successful as the first, but then again, the original movie was a massive success, and so maybe the sequel shouldn't have been held to such a high standard. But either way, I know I'm not alone in my desire to join Wahlberg and his teddy bear for one last adventure. Close off the trilogy; you know what I mean?

The first film starred Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett, and Seth MacFarlane provided the voice and motion capture performance for the titular teddy bear, Ted. Mila Kunis joined them as John's girlfriend, Lori Collins along with Joel McHale as Lori's manager and John's arch-rival, Giovanni Ribisi as Ted's biggest fan and archenemy, and Patrick Warburton as Wahlberg's scene-stealing co-worker. Meanwhile, Ted 2 saw the return of Wahlberg and MacFarlane, along with Ribisi and Warburton. Amanda Seyfried joined them as Samantha Jackson along with Morgan Freeman as Patrick Meighan.

The movies featured fun cameos from the likes of Patrick Stewart as the films' narrator, Ryan Reynolds as Patrick Warburton's boyfriend, and Liam Neeson as "Customer." Many celebs joined the flicks as themselves including Norah Jones, Tom Skerritt, Ted Danson, Tom Brady, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, Kate McKinnon, and Bobby Moynihan.

Seth MacFarlane directed the original Ted movie from a screenplay he co-wrote along with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild. MacFarlane also produced the flick along with Scott Stuber, John Jacobs, and Jason Clark. Universal Pictures released the comedy into a theater near you back on June 29, 2012. Ted 2 followed on June 26, 2015, and was again directed by MacFarlane from a script he wrote along with Sulkin and Wild, and MacFarlane, Stuber, Clarke, and Jacobs returned as producers.

Whether or not Seth MacFarlane gets around to making either Ted 3 or that Family Guy movie, only time will tell. But that said, if you're a rabid MacFarlane fan (they must be some of you out there) then you can always check out his science fiction comedy-drama The Orville over on Fox, which was just renewed for a third season back in May. This story comes to us via Today.