Heat Vision Blog reports that Black Swan star Mila Kunis is in talks to join Seth MacFarlane's Ted.

Adam Scott is also in talks to join the project, which will mark the feature directorial debut for MacFarlane. We reported in October that Mark Wahlberg was eyeing the project, and now he is in final negotiations to star as the lead character.

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The story centers on a young boy who receives a teddy bear for Christmas and makes a wish that the teddy bear can be his best friend for life. Now, 25 years later, the teddy bear is still with the main character (Mark Wahlberg), although the bear's delinquent ways have prevented the man from truly growing up.

Mila Kunis is in talks to play Mark Wahlberg's girlfriend in the movie, who wants to move the relationship forward. Adam Scott will play Mila Kunis' boss if he signs on.

Seth MacFarlane will direct from his own script and will also provide the voice of Ted. No production schedule was announced for the project.