Among the many DC Comics TV shows currently airing or gearing up for their debut, Titans, based on the popular Teen Titans series, is one we've heard very little about. Set to air on TNT sometime in the near future, we finally have a full line-up of characters that will appear on the live-action series, courtesy of Nerdist. Some will be expect, while some may surprise you.

As originally reported. Dick Greyson will lead this group of superheroes. He will be introduced as Batman's sidekick Robin in the pilot, but will eventually transform into Nightwing before this first episode comes to it's conclusion. He will be working as a detective in Boston, having left the Dark Knight behind, with his story arc similar to that seen in the solo Nightwing comics from the 90s.

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Also serving as a member of Titans is a wheelchair-bound Barbara Gordon. The character, who was never a part of the line-up in the original source material, will have once been known as Batgirl, but she no longer dons the iconic cowl. She is the group's computer programer and hacker. This will reflect her time spent as the Oracle in the comics, though she will not be known by that moniker here. Appearing alongside here will be Hawk and Dove, both of whom have a long standing tradition of being Titans in the comic book. The two will be romantically paired, and will be the most changed from their appearances on the page. While Hawk and Dove were originally introduced as brothers Don and Hank Hall with powers bestowed upon them from the Lord of Order and Chaos, this will be the later iteration, after Don died and Dawn Granger took over.

Fan-favorite Raven will also be a member of Titans, known here as Rachel Roth. She is the daughter of the inter-dimensional demon Trigon, and is responsible for bringing the New Teen Titans together to fight her father. It is not known if that idea will be reflected in the series. The last character included in the Titans line-up is Starfire, an alien princess from the planet Tamaran who, in the comics, becomes romantically involved with Nightwing. She only appears at the very end of the pilot episode, but its expected that she will be entangled in a love triangle between Dick and Barbara as the series continues on through its first season run.

The pilot does leave out two popular Teen Titan members, with Beast Boy (Changeling) and Cyborg not included as part of the initial line-up. If the series does get picked up for a full season run, it's not out of the question for either character to show up at some point. At this time, it's not known if Titans is set in the same universe as The CW's Arrow and The Flash. If so, we can expect to see characters from both shows crossover as well. What do you think about this line-up?