Teen Wolf is an 80s classic and we finally have some epic action figures from the movie. Super7 has announced two figures in their ReAction line, while Funko Pop! has revealed their own version of Michael J. Fox's Scott Howard in full beast mode. Funko recently released versions for the Teen Wolf TV series, but the new additions are taking it back to where it all started. These are the perfect gifts for any original 1985 Teen Wolf fans.

Super7's ReAction take on Teen Wolf features two different action figures. The first one is Scott Howard in his normal clothing with his Beacontown High varsity jacket and sunglasses in wolf mode. The second figure is Howard in his Beavers #42 jersey, ready to dunk on the opposing team. Each one stands at 3.75" and "comes blister packaged on a backing card with the original poster artwork from the movie." Pre-orders are now available, with shipments going out in August.

The Teen Wolf Pop! from Funko is currently up for pre-order and will also be shipping in August. Funko decided to go with the basketball version of Scott Howard in his Beavers jersey. He looks like he is ready to go on a fast break for an easy dunk, singlehandedly taking on the visiting team. Both sets of figures have some pretty clever details. Funko had this to say about their Teen Wolf Pop toys!

"Adolescence isn't easy, but it's especially challenging when you find yourself turning furry and howling at the moon whenever emotions are high. Bring home your very own teen werewolf Pop! Scott Howard, but be prepared for teenage hormones and lots of fur."
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Teen Wolf hit theaters in 1985, opening at number 2. The movie went on to gross over $80 million worldwide, which was a pleasant surprise for all involved. Michael J. Fox's rising fame from Family Ties helped get people into theaters, but he couldn't make critics enjoy the movie, which received mostly negative reviews. Fox was able to take a break from the sitcom after his co-star Meredith Baxter-Birney became pregnant. The pregnancy allowed the cast to take an extended leave, which is when Fox made Teen Wolf.

Though Teen Wolf has been bashed by critics, it is a cult favorite. It even spawned a sequel, 1987's Teen Wolf Too, which starred Jason Bateman as Scott Howard's cousin Todd. The sequel was universally panned and currently holds a 7% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes. On the opposite side of things, MTV launched a successful Teen Wolf TV series in 2011. The show was more of a serious take on werewolves and romance, shying away from the comedy of the original. It ended up running from 2011 to 2017 and was generally well-received. You can check out the Super7 and Funko Pop! Teen Wolf figures below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick