Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed and Dylan O'Brien have boarded MTV's new TV version of Teen Wolf, the 1985 movie that starred Michael J. Fox as a high-school student who discovers he is a werewolf.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the dramatic thriller will have a buddy-comedy element at the center and a romantic plot line. The pilot presentation will be penned by Criminal Minds creator Jeff Davis.

The story revolves around Scott McCall (Posey), a dorky high-school student who gets a rush of new powers, including the ability to attract girls, after a wolf attack.

O'Brien will play Scott's best friend who is initially dismissive of Scott's theory that he was bitten by a wolf but then begins research on human-werewolf transformation.

Reed will play a sweet new girl at school who is immediately smitten with Scott.

7th Heaven alum Hoechlin will play a handsome local boy who in fact is a vicious and predatory werewolf capable of great harm.