Tenacious D have put their spin on the Time Warp with an all-star cast. The rock band led by Jack Black and Kyle Gass have released a new music video, in which, they cover the classic tune from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. What's more, they got Susan Sarandon, who appeared in the 1975 movie version of the classic musical, to make an appearance. But she is far from the only celeb who got in on the fun with KG and JB. This is a star-studded affair.

The video was shot during quarantine, with Jack Black suiting up in several different Rocky Horror appropriate costumes throughout. He absolutely belts out the lyrics in true Tenacious D fashion as some footage from the movie is spliced in alongside the rocking. Kyle Gass also sings part of the tune. Throughout the video, various celebrities appear and they run the gamut from politicians to other famous musicians. The video includes appearances by Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Sarah Silverman, John Waters, Jamie Lee Curtis, Karen O, Reggie Watts, Ezra Miller, Ilana Glazer, Phoebe Bridgers, John Heilemann, George Takei, Eric Andre, King Princess, Michael Pena and Peaches.

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Tenacious D made the video to encourage people to get out and vote. Originally, the band had intended to hit the road to get the word out about voting for what they had dubbed "The Purple Nurple Tour - Twisting Hard to the Left." Unfortunately, since live shows are still largely not happening right now due to health and safety concerns, the tour was canceled. In its place, the D managed to pull this off instead. For those who enjoyed what Tenacious D brought to the song, it will be available via 7" vinyl. Pre-orders are available from the band's webstore currently, with proceeds being donated to Rock the Vote.

Written by Richard O'Brien and Richard Hartley, Time Warp began life as part of The Rocky Horror Picture Show stage musical in 1973. It later gained popularity as part of the 1975 movie, which was directed by Jim Sharman. Even for those who haven't seen the cult classic, which has endured for decades since its original release and still inspires midnight screenings to this day, the song is recognizable. It has managed to permeate pop culture in a way few things can. Tenacious D has just given it new life.

Tenacious D returned in 2018 with Post-Apocalypto, which was released as both an album and series of animated shorts. It was, in a way, a follow-up to the band's movie The Pick of Destiny. Jack Black, meanwhile, has stayed quite busy acting. He starred in last year's Jumanji: The Next Level, which became a huge hit that set up at least one more sequel. It's expected Black would return, should the project move forward. Outside of the D, Kyle Gass also fronts the Kyle Gass Band. You can check out the Time Warp music video from the official Tenacious D YouTube channel.