Jack Black and Kyle Gass are back together again and are bringing Tenacious D on the road for the first time in five years. The self-proclaimed greatest band in the world are hitting the road for the first time since they toured in honor of their 2012 album Rize of the Fenix. As if that isn't exciting enough, the comedic rock duo has also teased plans for a new album that may be out before the end of the year.

The band made the announcement via a new, crudely animated video posted to their YouTube channel. In the video, Kyle Gass and Jack Black are sitting on a couch in their living room discussing the need to pay their rent. Gass suggests making a new album, to which Black replies, "Ugh, dude that's gonna take us like five more years, we are f****d." The video then says that they will have a new album out in 2018, probably, but that they are definitely going to tour this year. The tour kicks off in November and consists of a very select eight dates. So you may need to do some traveling if you want to see the D live.

Tenacious D is also set to play a summer show at Montebello Rockfest in Canada this June, as well as a set at the Foo Fighters' recently announced Cal Jam music festival on October 6. As far as the new album goes, the band has been working on their follow up to Rize of the Fenix for some time, which is to be titled Post-Apocalypto. Jack Black has said in an interview that the album originally started out as an animated series that nobody wanted to make. Given the animation in the tour announcement video, that would seem to make sense.

2018 is turning out to be a big year for the band. Not only are they touring for the first time in years and (hopefully) releasing a new album, but Tenacious D also recently announced plans for Pick of Destiny 2, which may also be released this year. The band made the announcement during their recent set at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, with Jack Black stating that the movie will be released this October. That would be before the start of their new tour, which could be interesting. Maybe the new album will tie into the new movie? Much in the same way that The Pick of Destiny soundtrack essentially served as the follow-up album to their self-titled 2001 release.

We've been waiting a long time for new material from Kyle Gass and Jack Black, but it sounds like they've been making good use of that time and are going to make the wait worth our while. Tickets for the tour go on sale on May 18, with pre-sale tickets arriving on May 16. For a full list of dates and venues for the band's upcoming tour, visit their official website TenaciousD.com. You can check out the tour and album announcement video for yourself below.

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