Christopher Nolan's Tenet will reportedly be available on Blu-ray before Christmas this year. Warner Bros. and Nolan wanted it to be the movie that salvaged the summer movie season back in July. However, that was not able to happen. The movie was pushed back a few times, before the studio and director agreed on a staggered global release, which found audiences overseas seeing Tenet weeks ahead of North American audiences. As of this writing, the movie has only made $36.1 million domestically.

According to the Blu-ray Forum, Warner Bros. will have Tenet available on December 15th, which means Christopher Nolan fans are only a few months away from being able to see the highly anticipated movie in the comfort of their own homes with Dolby and Atmos audio options. When looking at the forum comments, it seems that many fans are willing to buy Tenet physically and then open to go see it in theaters when it's safe to do so. For the majority of Nolan fans, this will be the first time to see a project from the director at home before theaters.

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It has been reported that Tenet will have to make $500 million to turn a profit. Currently, the movie has made just over $250 million globally, so it looks like meeting that goal during this initial run from ticket sales isn't going to happen. However, an IMAX rollout in North American theaters in the future, possibly with some bonus features, could help get the movie closer to its alleged $500 million goal. For now, it's far too early to predict what the future of moviegoing will look like.

Additionally, a physical release, along with VOD rentals could go a long way in bringing some profits back into Tenet, especially if the studio strikes while the iron is hot. There is still a considerable amount of hype surrounding the movie, thanks to word of mouth advertising from people who have seen the movie and told friends about it. With a possible Blu-ray announcement in November, Warner Bros. might be able to capitalize on the current hype for the latest Christopher Nolan project. It was clear from the start that Tenet was not going to skip theaters in favor of a streaming debut like Mulan on Disney+.

Warner Bros. still has Dune and Wonder Woman 1984 on track to open on December 18th and December 25th, respectively. While a lot can change between now and December, both movies will more than likely move on to 2021 to ensure the maximum amount of people get into theaters when it's safe to do so. Marvel Studios delayed Black Widow, which was on track to open in November. It will now open on May 7th, 2021, a year after it was originally set to open in theaters. The Blu-ray forum was the first to reveal the possible December physical release of Tenet.