A new image from Christopher Nolan's Tenet has been released. While we have seen the first footage from the movie, the plot is still very much a mystery at this point in time. Nolan is good at teasing his fans and potential viewers by giving just enough cryptic elements to keep everybody on board.

From the Tenet trailer, we know time travel will be involved. It is also revealed that John David Washington is out to prevent something much worse than World War III.

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In the latest image from Tenet, we see stars John David Washington and Robert Pattinson in what appears to be a tense interaction. Without any context, it's tough to make out what is exactly happening in the image. Washington looks like he is in a fireman jacket, while Pattinson sports a tactical vest with two communication devices strapped to the front. According to Christopher Nolan, Washington's hero character is "a very kinetic" figure "with the ability to draw an audience in (where) you watch the story through their eyes."

Director Christopher Nolan says that Tenet attempts, "to give an audience a sort of familiar grounding at the beginning of the tale, but then take them someplace hopefully they haven't been before." This sounds a lot like the way Inception is laid out too. Nolan grew up "loving that idea about escapist cinema and a movie that can take you all over the world and follow one particular character through a great adventure." Tenet will take viewers on quite the journey, like it did the cast and crew when production took place in seven different countries.

While Christopher Nolan has given some teases, there still is not a whole lot of information about Tenet floating around. The name is a palindrome (it's spelled the same way forward and backward) and some of the promotional art for the movie gives the same effect. This ties into the time travel aspects of the movie, but it's unclear how everything will unfold when all is said and done. Nolan is one of the only directors around today that is able to get studios to give him a huge budget without revealing a premise or even a title to prospective audiences at the start.

Tenet is all set to open in theaters on July 17th. The movie sees Christopher Nolan stepping out of his comfort zone a bit to collaborate with new people. Ludwig Goransson (The Mandalorian) composed the score since Nolan's frequent collaborator Hans Zimmer was committed to Denis Villeneuve's Dune. Additionally, Jennifer Lame edited the movie, replacing the director's long-time editor Lee Smith. Whatever the case may be, everything seems to be looking like a Christopher Nolan project and we'll all get to solve the mystery soon, though there will more than likely be a lot of talk about the logistics. You can check out the latest image from Tenet below, thanks to USA Today.

Tenet photo
Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
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