Tenet, much like a lot of director Christopher Nolan's movies, left a lot of audience members scratching their heads in total befuddlement. Well, try not to be too hard on yourself, as star John David Washington has now revealed that, despite being the one who navigates through the convoluted world of Tenet, he still does not fully understand it.

"I'm still learning, to be honest. Temporal pincer movements, points of entropy-every time I see it I get a better understanding of what Chris did as a whole. My grounded understanding of it came from the character, the Protagonist. That's how I was able to understand at least what I was doing with my role in the script. And honestly, too, some of the training that we were doing really helped me gain better understanding of the concept as well."
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Tenet is a movie that has been designed specifically to be confusing at first before slowly slotting the pieces together as the story progresses. Like an action-packed puzzle in reverse. It is also a story that has been crafted to benefit from multiple viewings, something that Washington himself has come to realize. No doubt Washington's struggle to fully grasp the rich concept that drives Tenet will ring true for many. Audiences will likely understand the movie in general terms but may find it difficult to work out how every single element of the time-inversion technology works. Really, to get the most enjoyment out of Tenet, one would do well to heed to movie's own advice; Don't try to understand it. Feel it.

Despite not quite grasping Tenet in its entirety, John David Washington clearly had a wonderful time working with Nolan and making the movie, with the actor recently declaring that he would love to return for a sequel. "In my mind, that's a yes! We will be doing this again, we'll see you in a couple of years," he said. "In reality, I don't know. Chris does what he wants. Maybe he has something that he's developed for years that he wants to do next, maybe he's been inspired by something else he sees and wants to do that, I don't know. I hope we get to do it again, I hope we get to explore more, because I think we found something really unique."

Armed with only one word, Tenet, and fighting for the survival of the entire world, a mysterious Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time. Tenet stars The Batman's Robert Pattinson, Widows star Elizabeth Debicki, In Bruges' Clémence Poésy, Bobby's Dimple Kapadia, Inception star Michael Caine, and Death on the Nile's Kenneth Branagh alongside Washington as The Protagonist.

Tenet was delayed several times amid the ongoing global situation, with director Christopher Nolan adamant that it had to be released on the big screen. Sadly, Tenet has not rekindled the audience's love for movie theaters in the way that Nolan had hoped, with the movie continuing to struggle at the domestic box office. This comes to us courtesy of GQ.