Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond, best known world over as Screech, isn't worried about living to make another movie in Hollywood. So why not star as Harvey Weinstein in a controversial new video? Screech's career is far from threatened in any way by taking on the role. But was it really the right decision?

TENLo has released a new music video for Kill All the Things. And it doesn't try to hide the fact that Dustin Diamond is playing Harvey Weinstein. This isn't some subtle jab at the disgraced movie producer. It says right there on the screen 'Dustin Diamond as Harvey Weinstein'. Which really shouldn't come as too much of a shock.

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Most people are trying to distance themselves from the Weinstein name after the movie mogul was accused by numerous men and woman of sexual misconduct, abuse and rape. But Screech is not one of those people. He has embraced the role whole heartedly, perhaps his best since the heyday of Saved by the Bell. Maybe it's his quaint way of auditioning for the inevitable Harvey Weinstein biopic, with BBC already engaged in making a tell-all documentary.

Dustin Diamond's sojourn back into acting is filled with sex, drugs, rock and roll and...Yup, murder! The fictional Harvey Weinstein doesn't make it out of this music video alive. And that is causing some controversy. The same kind of controversy that occurred when Kathy Griffin posed with a severed Trump's head. Clearly these fallen stars want back in the limelight. But is this the right way to go? Some love it, others think it crosses a line despite the despicable things Weinstein has been accused of.

The music video was actually shot this summer, before the whole Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. Band members Joey Zak and TomE LaBrosse shot the short in Milwaukee, reaching out to Dustin Diamond to shoot the video. It wasn't until just recently that Screech reshot some of the Harvey Weinstein moments, which were edited into the finished video for obvious reasons. The bandmates play the bellhop and the bartender, with actress Kelly Cunningham stepping into play the vengeful nun.

Perhaps its a little distasteful, but some will argue that it's okay as it is Harvey Weinstein after all taking the brunt of the bad behavior on display. Dustin Diamond is no stranger to controversy. He has been in and out of jail for stabbing a man in a bar fight. And he recently violated his probation by failing a drug test, testing positive for oxy. He explained to his parole officer that it was for a toothache. He was thrown in jail for two days. And then made it out to shoot this controversial music video that you see before you, which arrives on TENLo's Youtube channel.

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