Teri Polo, Sarah Jones, KaDee Strickland and Michael Landes will all star in the dramedy series, The Wedding Planners from David E. Kelley for Fox.

The show is about three sisters who run a family wedding-planning business.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Polo will play Jane, the oldest sister, known as the "conservative one." She is attractive, smart, practical and sensible. Jones will play Sammy, the youngest sister. She is a free spirit, the most romantic of the three. Strickland will play Annie, a natural-born leader. She is tough, fit and not afraid of a fight, verbal or physical. Landes will play David, who works at the wedding-planning company as a photographer. He is self-deprecating and charming and has a talent for calming jittery brides.

Jon Amiel is directing The Wedding Planners, which is scheduled to premiere in the spring on Fox.