It: Chapter Two star Bill Hader assumes the role of the shapeshifting android known as the T-1000 in the newest "deepfake" video created by Ctrl Shift Face. From this YouTube channel, we have seen a wide variety of these kinds of amusing deepfake videos which digitally insert one actor's face over another's to dramatically change the way we see famous movies. One of the most popular creations from the channel is the "Home Stallone" deepfake video, which edits an adult Sylvester Stallone face onto Macaulay Culkin's child body in the classic holiday movie Home Alone. It's guaranteed to be among the weirdest videos you'll ever see.

Now, Ctrl Shift Face is at it again with an alternate take on Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Using one of today's fan favorite actors, the video imagines how the movie might appear if Bill Hader had played the infamous antagonist in the sequel. In particular, the clip edits the climactic battle towards the end of the movie with T-1000 brawling with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator. While original actor Robert Patrick had a certain look that made him rather perfect as T-1000, Hader's face slips into the footage rather naturally, and it really doesn't feel out of place to imagine Hader in the part. You can watch the video below.

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We have seen many Terminator sequels and reboots in the years since T2, but, oddly enough, we haven't seen Patrick or the T-1000 in the franchise since. Different types of Terminators have since been featured as the antagonists in the other movies in the series with various actors, though Schwarzenegger would continue to play multiple versions of the same model of android. Still, T-1000 remains perhaps the most memorable villain of the franchise through the eyes of many fans and can still be considered one of pop culture's all-time greatest villains. Patrick's expert portrayal certainly had a large hand in that, so even if it's fun to picture other actors in the role, it's all for the best that Patrick was who we got.

Sometimes, the most random deepfake videos created by video editors turn out to be the most entertaining. I'm not sure there's a lot of people out there who've been wondering what T-1000 would look like as portrayed by Hader, but the results are very interesting nonetheless. Of course, that's just scratching the surface of the many kinds of bizarre deepfake videos you can find if you start digging through them on YouTube. Can you believe someone out there decided that the intro to Full House needed to be remade, but with Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson as every single character?

Time will tell if Hader ever appears in the Terminator franchise, he does a mean Arnold Schwarzenegger impression after all. But fans of the former Saturday Night Live star can these days catch him on the acclaimed Showtime series Barry. For his role, Hader won the two Best Actor Emmy Awards, and if you've been watching the series, you would know that it's certainly well deserved. Showtime has renewed the series for a third season, but it remains unclear when the new episodes will arrive on the network. The Bill Hader as T-1000 deepfake video comes to us from Ctrl Shift Face on YouTube.