Back in December, just as 2015 was winding down, it was finally confirmed that a 3D re-release of the 1991 sci-fi action classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day is happening at some point in 2016. Director James Cameron is teaming up with StudioCanal and DMG Entertainment for this conversion, but we haven't heard anything about it since the official announcement. Today we have a new poster for the conversion, which is still happening, although it won't hit theaters until sometime in 2017.

The new poster was unveiled on Facebook today, which die-hard fans of the franchise know is an important date. August 29 is the date that, back in 1997, Skynet became self-aware. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly when this 3D conversion will hit theaters, but at least we know it's still in the works. It's certainly possible that they could use this very same date, August 29, 2017, to roll out this 3D conversion.

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James Cameron first hinted at a 3D conversion for Terminator 2 back in 2010, and in 2014, he hinted that the conversion may be done solely for the Chinese audience. The director stated in the announcement last year that this conversion would be done in time for T2's 25th Anniversary, but it seems it won't be ready in time. Here's what the director had to say about the importance of the Chinese audience back in 2014.

"If there was someone who was interested in doing that, and we could make a good case for the business model like, perhaps let's say, it's never been on screens in China which in the next few years is about to become the biggest market for films worldwide. That alone might justify the cost of a conversion which might be 6 or 7 million dollars. And then a 3D re-release might attract some eyeballs in North American and Europe and then the Chinese release, which would be the first release on the big screen, might pay for it. I'm just using that as an example. I'm just saying we're not ruling it out. We're looking at it."

Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as the re-programmed Terminator in this 1991 classic, which earned $519 million worldwide from a $102 million budget. We'll be sure to keep you posted with more updates on the 3D re-release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day as soon as more information comes in. In the meantime, take a look at the new poster below.

Terminator 2 3D Poster