'Digital willy removal.'

Arnold T2 Pool Table Scene

In behind the scenes photos, Arnold can be seen wearing shorts in those now iconic barroom scenes where the T-800 struts around just as Skynet made him. Richard Patrick, however, was definitely naked in Terminator 2. The groundbreaking effects team had to digitally remove his man parts, 'though his nether regions could still be glimpsed in later home video releases. In the director's commentary, Cameron jokes that he'd like to get a refund for the poorly executed "digital willy removal."

Literal Guns N' Roses.

Guns N Roses Terminator 2

There's a great Guns N' Roses joke in Terminator 2, when Arnold pulls a literal gun from a literal box of roses. Elsewhere in the film, one of John Connor's pals is wearing an L.A. Guns shirt. Fans of the Hollywood Sunset Strip scene know that Guns N' Roses was originally a combination of sorts of L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose, two earlier bands that featured guitarist Tracii Guns and singer Axl Rose, respectively. T2 helped launch another long awaited sequel, namely the Use Your Illusion albums that followed Guns N' Roses diamond selling debut, Appetite for Destruction. Arnold even appeared in the T2 themed video for "You Could Be Mine."

T2 features 2 Sarah Connors.

Sarah Connor Terminator 2

Linda Hamilton's twin sister, Leslie, makes an appearance in Judgment Day during the brief scene where the T-1000 takes on Sarah Connor's form. There's an even longer scene, deleted from the theatrical cut, where Sarah works to reboot the T-800's brain, and Linda's twin sister appeared in a cool mirror image. During a Q&A at a 2015 screening of Terminator: Genisys, Arnold revealed that the scene was actually one of his favorites and he was upset to see it deleted. Funnily enough, it was Arnold who had told Cameron the first cut screened for fans was too long.

John Connor never carries a gun.

John Connor Terminator 2

Despite the heavy heat packed by an adult John Connor in Terminator: Salvation, the movie that gave us the fantastic Christian Bale outburst audio parodied so brilliantly by Family Guy, teenaged John Connor never fires a gun in Terminator 2. A father of four, including a daughter with ex-wife Linda Hamilton, Cameron felt it irresponsible to portray children with firearms, even in a sci-fi fantasy type of film.

Terminator 2 almost had a happier ending.

Terminator 2 Happy Ending

"The unknown future rolls toward us," Sarah Connor says at the end of T2. But originally, the movie's ending was going to flash forward to the year 2027. The deleted alternate ending saw an adult John Connor as a U.S. Senator and Hamilton a grandmother, complete with old age makeup, grateful for each day since the Judgment Day they'd averted. "August 29, 1997, came and went," Sarah tells us in an extended voiceover narration. "Nothing much happened. Michael Jackson turned 40." The narration continues for much longer than in the theatrical cut, 'though it ends in a similar way. "The luxury of hope was given to me by The Terminator. Because if a machine can learn the value of human life, maybe we can, too."

Ryan J. Downey