Ok. I finally have to say something about this whole Terminator 3 without James Cameron thing. This is a typical example of Hollywood greed working against a genuine artistic vision. While reasons aren't really clear why James Cameron opted not to do a 3rd Terminator at this time, Hollywood is using it's "power" to get the film made without Cameron. Now, rumors have been abundant, especially here on the internet, about the direction the film has been taking ever since it got the green light to go ahead without Cameron. First we heard that the main bad guy, opposing Arnold's character (who will be starring once again), and the character of John Connor, was going to be a female terminator out to yet again destroy the leader of the future. According to Moriarty over at Ain't It Cool, who claims to have seen a version of this script says it is "horrible". A few months passed. A new script was written. Now rumors flooded movie sites with news of Vin Diesel playing the part of the "bad guy" Terminator. So far...these are still rumors. The latest rumor comes from some weird sources claiming that Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) has opted out of the role of John Connor in the latest installment and that the role will be subsequently passed onto Seth Green.

I know these are just rumors right now but, Seth Green? Doesn't he look just like the kid who played John Connor's friend in T2? Come on! Talk about one of the greatest sci-fi stories of all time turning into complete garbage all because Hollywood wants heist some of your hard earned cash out of your pockets. Hollywood movies with integrity? People in Hollywood that care about an original artistic vision? Ha ha ha. Yeah right. I feel sorry for James Cameron who has to watch the vision that "made" him turn into a a poorly written, poorly casted, money making fiasco. Yeah, T2 was a money making fiasco, but at least it was good.

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