When the first photos and storyboards were released from Terminator Genisys at the end of October, many fans hoped that the first trailer wasn't too far behind. The Arnold Fans revealed that the trailer will debut at the Comic Con Experience in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Thursday, December 4, the first day of the convention. The footage will then debut online either later that same day, or shortly thereafter, but no specifics for the online premiere were given.

The site also speculates that official websites such as TerminatorMovie.com, TheTerminatorMovie.com and TerminatorGenisys.com will be launched in conjunction with the trailer premiere. The trailer was also shown to a select group attending the Paramount Roadshow panel last month, according to Twitter user Graciela Alvarez. Take a look at her tweet below.

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Of course, we have no clue what will actually be shown in the first Terminator Genisys, but the first plot details from October reveal this story will be much different than previous Terminator movies in the past. The story is set in 2029, where John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends back Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) to save his mother Sarah (Emilia Clarke) before John is born. However, unlike the original Terminator, Kyle finds a much different Sarah, who was raised by Arnold Schwarzenegger's aging T-800 Terminator since she was 9 years old, after another Terminator killed her parents.

Are you excited for the first trailer? Chime in with your thoughts below, and check back later this week to feast your eyes on the new footage.