Last month we reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger is putting his acting career on hold to resolve matters in his personal life. One of the projects believed to be delayed by the actor's hiatus is Terminator 5, although that may not be the case.

It seems Terminator 5 will be anchored by a younger male lead, with Paul Walker rumored as a potential candidate to play Kyle Reese. Terminator 5 director Justin Lin recently worked with Paul Walker on the blockbuster sequel Fast Five.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is still said to have a pivotal role in Terminator 5. It seems that producers are still planning to move forward on the project despite the actor's hiatus. There is talk the producers may lessen Arnold Schwarzenegger's screen time in Terminator 5, which may entice him to come back onto the project, since it will be less of a time commitment.

There was also a rumor in May that Terminator 5 will reunite the original cast of The Terminator. Though now it seems that original characters from The Terminator may return, but not necessarily the original actors who played them. The potential plan for Terminator 5 is likened to J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, with a new crop of actors portraying these original characters.

It isn't known when production will start on Terminator 5 at this time.