Both Terminator 6 and Sonic the Hedgehog have been given new release dates by Paramount Pictures. The studio recently did some shuffling with their release calendar, firming up some of what will be coming our way in 2019 and setting some things up a little further down the road for 2020. This shuffling around has resulted in a couple of next year's big releases from the studio hitting theaters just a little bit earlier than expected.

First up, Terminator 6, which has already had its release date changed once, will now debut on November 15, 2019, as opposed to November 22, 2019. The next entry in the long-running sci-fi franchise, which is a co-production between Skydance and Paramount, had previously been slated for a prime July 2019 release, positioning it as a summer blockbuster. Following Arnold Schwarzenegger's heart surgery, the release date was bumped back by a few months to November. Though, the studio insisted that the decision had nothing to do with Schwarzenegger's heart surgery.

Next on the docket is Sonic the Hedgehog. Paramount has also moved the live-action/CGI movie adaptation of the Sega character up by one week from November 15, the date now occupied by Terminator 6, to November 8. Interestingly, Tim Miller, who previously directed Deadpool for Fox, is heavily involved in both projects. He's directing the new Terminator and is an executive producer on the Sonic movie. Miller managed to find quite a bit to occupy his time after leaving Deadpool 2 over creative differences and Paramount was happy to scoop him up. Both of these projects carry future franchise potential.

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With Terminator 6, this represents a chance to truly rejuvenate the franchise after years of disappointing sequels. Creator James Cameron is on board as an executive producer and was involved quite heavily in the project's development. It's going to serve as a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day and will see the return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, alongside newcomers such as Mackenzie Davis and Gabriel Luna, who will play the new Terminator. The hope is that this new movie will do well enough that it can serve as the start of a new trilogy. Miller has his work cut out for him following Terminator: Genisys, that much is certain.

When it comes to Sonic the Hedgehog, which comes from first-time feature director Jeff Fowler, it's yet another attempt to make a video game movie that actually works both critically and commercially. The cast is headed up by Westworld star James Marsden as the human lead, with a CGI version of Sonic, to be voiced by Parks and Recreation star Ben Schwartz. Jim Carrey has also been cast as the evil Dr. Robotnik. Somewhat surprisingly, Carrey recently revealed that the character will be a practical performance and won't be motion capture or CGI. That should prove to be quite interesting, if nothing else. This news was first reported by Deadline.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott