Is Terminator: Dark Fate going to live up to the hype? If the San Diego Comic-Con footage shown today is any indication, it sounds like it will. Fans were first treated to a special message from James Cameron at the panel, who is currently on the set of the Avatar sequels. The franchise creator casually brought up the fact that Edward Furlong is back as John Connor in the highly anticipated sequel, which got the crowd pumped. But, it was the surprise appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger and the footage that really amped everything up.

One of the scenes shown during the Comic-Con panel was an extended version of what we have seen in the first trailer. Gabriel Luna's advanced Terminator is on the hunt for Natalia Reye's Daniela character as she tries to escape in a small pickup truck. Mackenzie Davis's Grace character is trying to protect her, but Luna's Terminator is too strong. As the speedy chase continues, we see the now famous rebar scene from the trailer, which later causes Luna's character to crash.

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He later appears on the street as liquid black metal and slowly reforms, while the women try to run away. It's at this point that another Terminator shows up, blocking their path while Gabriel Luna's Terminator, which we saw in the Dark Fate Comic-Con poster without his skin on, reforms with a sword for an arm. It's at this point when Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor makes her debut with a giant gun taking down Luna's villainous character. She drops a grenade by the women and says, "I'll be back," and then kills the other Terminator with a rocket launcher.

Terminator: Dark Fate is already full of action and suspense and this is only one scene. The next scene involves visiting Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 in a cabin in the woods. Sarah Connor attempts to kill him, only to learn that his name is Carl and that she will end up killing him when it's all over, which he understands. Connor is not interested in telling her story to the girls again, while the T-800 trains Natalia Reye's Daniela on how to fire guns. All in all, in has a similar tone to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but it is a far different movie.

From what we've heard and seen, it looks like Tim Miller's Terminator: Dark Fate may end up pleasing many long-time fans who have been deeply disappointed with the franchise over the last few decades. It was a wise choice for Miller and James Cameron to ditch everything after Terminator 2, but the memory still remains for fans who sat through those movies. Regardless, Dark Fate doesn't resemble any of those other movies and is going more for a classic vibe. Having the original cast back together after nearly 30 years certainly helps that cause. You can check out a portion of the Terminator: Dark Fate panel below, thanks to the Variety Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick