Tim Miller and James Cameron have officially confirmed that Terminator: Dark Fate will be R-rated. In addition, Paramount Pictures has released a behind-the-scenes featurette, which shows off some brand-new footage. Some of said footage was shown off today during the Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con and those in attendance were floored by what they saw. Miller and Cameron decided to take the franchise somewhere new, while keeping the roots planted firmly in the past with the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Edward Furlong.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is definitely a fan of Terminator: Dark Fate receiving an R-rating, as he proved at San Diego Comic-Con. He actually blames some of the failure of past Terminator movies on the fact that the studio pushed for a PG-13 rating in an attempt to get more people in theaters. However, James Cameron and Tim Miller never thought about anything else other than a proper R-rating for the highly anticipated sequel. And from the looks of things, the movie really earned the R-rating. Even the behind-the-scenes action is full of foul language from Miller and Linda Hamilton, while the footage of the actual movie is brutally violent.

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The Dark Fate featurette is full of never-before-seen Terminator footage as shown at SDCC. Shots of Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor decimating Terminators with a rocket launcher and some grenades is one of the better things you'll see all day. Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 taking a mini-gun to Gabriel Luna's Terminator face is another epic moment. Luna's character doesn't even react as he goes back to stare the T-800 in the face before presumably retaliating.

Many fans were hoping we'd get the second Terminator: Dark Fate trailer today, but that sadly was not the case. With that being said, the featurette is a great consolation prize because of the unseen footage, and we also got a Dark Fate Comic-Con poster. Our second real look at the movie will be coming soon since the movie opens up in November, which is just right around the corner. For now, we have an excellent first trailer and the new featurette to tide us over while we wait for our first look at Edward Furlong as John Connor. It's not clear if he'll be in the next trailer, but the cat is out of the bag with that casting secret now.

Tim Miller and James Cameron wanted to throw the rule book out the window while making Terminator: Dark Fate and it sounds like they did, while having a great time while doing so. Miller says that the sequel is "relentless," and he appears to be right on in that assumption. We'll just have to wait and see if the fans agree when the movie hits theaters on November 1st. You can check out the Terminator: Dark Fate behind-the-scenes featurette below, thanks to the Paramount Pictures YouTube channel.