Terminator: Dark Fate might contain some brand-new music from the recently reunited Guns N' Roses. According to sources close to the sequel, original GNR members Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan were invited to a private screening to see if they could repeat the magic of 1991. The band's hit song "You Could Be Mine" was handpicked by Arnold Schwarzenegger for Terminator 2: Judgment Day and the song helped propel the movie, along with their upcoming Use Your Illusion records.

According to sources, the members of Guns N' Roses screened the movie and then went right to work on finishing a song, which is currently untitled. "Slash was at Axl's house to record overdubs on a song for the rush release," says the source close to the Terminator: Dark Fate production. It appears that the song will be rush-released to coincide with the premiere of the movie on November 1st. This could end up as massive news for fans of GNR.

While Guns N' Roses let Arnold Schwarzenegger choose a song nearly 30 years ago, a lot has changed since then. The band's core group imploded by the mid 1990s and has not put out any original music with the members of the classic lineup since 1991. They have since been on a mega-successful reunion tour, featuring original bassist Duff McKagan, singer Axl Rose, and lead guitarist Slash. Rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin declined to return, reportedly over money issues, and original drummer Steven Adler has come on stage a few times to perform select songs with the reunited band.

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Axl Rose's version of Guns N' Roses put out the heavily divisive Chinese Democracy back in 2008, but it did not feature any other of the original members. Ever since the band reunited, there have been whispers about a new record, which have been confirmed by members of the band. Slash was asked about the possibility of a new record back in June of this year. He had this to say.

"There is material that Axl's been working on for a while. It could be enough for a record if we put it all together. The whole thing of Guns N' Roses getting in the studio and getting this record done - with myself and with Duff and all that - it's really just getting started. So it's really hard to say."

There's a lot riding on Terminator: Dark Fate to correct the wrongs of the past. The very same can be said for Guns N' Roses releasing new material with members of the original band. This is some perfect timing for the movie and the band, which could see both projects helping each other out, much like what happened in 1991. Will Arnold Schwarzenegger show up in a new video like he did for "You Could Be Mine?" We'll just have to wait and see. The news was first reported by the Guns Over Oz Facebook account.

Kevin Burwick