Linda Hamilton knew that the opening scene in Terminator: Dark Fate was going to upset a lot of people. Fans of the Terminator franchise were excited to learn that James Cameron was returning and bringing Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger with him. Fans were also excited that Cameron and director Tim Miller were making a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day, ignoring all of the movies that came out afterwards. However, the end result was divisive, to say the least. There are major Terminator: Dark Fate spoilers below.

Terminator: Dark Fate begins with a sequence set three years after the conclusion of 1991's T2. Something is off right from the start and then it goes off the rails. The teenage John Connor is murdered by a T-800 Terminator as a digital version of Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor watches in horror. Hamilton knew this was going to be a controversial way to start the movie. She had this to say in an interview right before the sequel hit theaters.

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"This is going to upset a lot of people and a lot of the fan base who just think that it has to remain true to the first two stories. The whole concept of Terminator, that John Connor is the hope for the future of mankind and then to have him cut down like that. I think it's going to upset a lot of people."

Linda Hamilton has no problem being blunt when it comes to Terminator: Dark Fate. While she enjoyed elements of the story and getting to act alongside her co-stars, she has said that she'd be more than happy never to return to the iconic franchise. The actress also struggled with seeing someone else play Sarah Connor on the set, noting that they used stunt doubles for the opening scene with a de-aged version of her face pasted on the double in the post-production process. She explains.

"I remember telling the stunt man and this woman that you've got to fight harder, this is your son that he is shooting to bits and she would grab - oh and it's not Arnold [Schwarzenegger] either - so she would grab Arnold's body double and she's grabbing his arm and I'm like: 'No grab the arm with the gun! Not just any arm! The one with the gun!' And you know to try to teach someone right there how to be fierce, how to be Sarah Connor, was an edgy moment and then they put my face, younger face on digitally."

After watching another actress portray Sarah Connor on the set, Linda Hamilton had to go in and record the dialogue. Hamilton admits that she found the whole process to be "so confusing and not very satisfying." A lot of fans would probably use the same words to describe Terminator: Dark Fate as a whole. Whatever the case may be, there probably won't be any more movies on the way, even though James Cameron hasn't ruled out the possibility of a trilogy.

Terminator: Dark Fate is a mixed bag and it isn't for everybody. Tim Miller and James Cameron did take some chances, but they aren't exactly the chances that fans were hoping to see on the big screen. Linda Hamilton will probably have more to say on the matter in the future, but it seems she didn't really enjoy the opening scene either, or at least making it. The interview with Hamilton was originally conducted by Film Stories.