The Terminator: Dark Fate world premiere has been canceled. Multiple fires are currently burning different parts of California. The Getty Fire, which broke out early this morning is threatening millions of Los Angeles residents and resulted in Arnold Schwarzenegger having to evacuate his home. The fire also prompted the University of California Los Angeles to cancel classes, along with a number of other schools in the area. As of this morning the fire was clearly visible from the 405 freeway.

Paramount Pictures made the decision to cancel the Terminator: Dark Fate world premiere this morning. "In light of the ongoing, active fires being battled in the area, Paramount Pictures and Skydance have canceled tonight's Los Angeles premiere of Terminator: Dark Fate," Paramount said in a statement. The statement continued by saying, "We will be donating food intended for the after-party to the American Red Cross, which is serving those affected by the fires." At least some of the party costs will go to a good cause by helping the millions of people who are in danger of losing their homes.

Terminator: Dark Fate director Tim Miller says that they are trying to see if they can hold a small premiere elsewhere for the cast, crew and their families who traveled in from out of town to be there for the special occasion. Miller also said, "The red carpet is not the reward for me. The movie is." The director continued, "But I feel terrible for everybody else who had their families coming in. So we're trying to fix that." So far, there is no venue change announced for the family and friends of the production.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his family were evacuated at 3:30 AM and reveals that they are all safe, thanks to the work of the California fire fighters. "If you are in an evacuation zone, don't screw around. Get out," said Schwarzenegger on social media. The former California governor concluded his message on social media by saying, "Right now I am grateful for the best firefighters in the world, the true action heroes who charge into the danger to protect their fellow Californians." It's unclear where Arnold and his family are currently staying, but he has a number of places to stay.

The Getty Fire is the latest to ignite as warm and dry weather spreads across the state of California. Making matters worse are high gusts of wind, which are extreme in places, to say the least. Forecasters in Southern California predicted historic winds for Northern California and they were right on the money. Gusts of up to 96 MPH were recorded in Sonoma County, prompting evacuations in Santa Rosa, west to Bodega Bay to Calistoga in Napa County. These gusts have been dubbed "diablo winds." In addition, up to a million California homes could be without power over the next few days. The Terminator: Dark Fate world premiere news was first announced by The Hollywood Reporter.

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Kevin Burwick