Terminator: Dark Fate director Tim Miller doesn't think people are going to be ready for Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800. We've seen very little of Schwarzenegger's iconic cyborg in the promotional material from the upcoming sequel, but fans are hoping that will change this weekend when Miller and crew take over Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. In addition to the original T-800, Dark Fate features a new Terminator along with a human-machine hybrid and Miller shared some information about them both.

Tim Miller is pretty sure fans aren't expecting what he and James Cameron have done with Terminator: Dark Fate. This goes for the latest cast additions and Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800. "I don't think people will be ready for what Arnold has become either, because it's very different," teases Miller. What exactly that means is unclear, but it is definitely intriguing. As for Gabriel Luna's updated Terminator character, Miller had this to say.

"There's this new future because of what Sarah did at the end of Terminator 2, and it's worse than ever. And that gives us the opportunity for these new characters. Gabriel comes from something that is not Skynet, but it's like Skynet. And Mackenzie comes from something that Kyle Reese and the Resistance did. I tried to keep Gabriel a bit grounded while still interesting; I feel his new weapons and abilities are right for our times but not so ridiculous that it just turns into a visual effects superfest."

Terminator fans have wondered how the upcoming sequel will tackle the future after Sarah Connor helped to take down Skynet in Terminator 2. Terminator: Dark Fate will take care of this issue by revealing a new threat, which may have been a contingency plan for Skynet in the event that something catastrophic happened. As for Mackenzie Davis' Grace character, she is not a full cyborg. Instead, she is something much different with a lot more depth. Tim Miller explains.

"And the same with Mackenzie's character - I really liked her origin story. We did an early writer's room and Joe Abercrombie came up with her as this super soldier from the future, but it comes at a cost to be one of these people. They're the first people to die, they're the shock troops who protect the rest of humanity, and her readiness to sacrifice is a really interesting way to come at a character."

Terminator 2 featured Linda Hamilton turning her body into a fighting machine, which was a big deal at the time. The same can be said for what Mackenzie Davis has done to prepare for Terminator: Dark Fate. Tim Miller had this to say about why Davis was perfect for the part of Grace in the sequel.

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"It would be easy to go, 'Okay, you're going to get some woman who's an ex-MMA fighter or all about fitness and fighting.' But I knew that she really had to connect. Because Sarah in a lot of ways is broken, and I knew that the audience would relate a lot to what had happened to humanity's future, and as you'll see in the film, the audience has to really feel for Grace by the end of it. And so I knew first and foremost, she had to be a great actor and Mackenzie is definitely that."

Linda Hamilton was also excited to see what Mackenzie Davis was going to do with her part in Terminator: Dark Fate. "I was very happy to see Mackenzie take the mantle of turning her body into a fighting machine," shares Hamilton. The Sarah Connor actress spent a lot of time training in 1991 to prepare for the part and it paid off, "Hopefully she will get all the attention that I got in 1991 for what she has done to make herself ready, to make herself a warrior," concluded Hamilton. Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters on November 1st. The interview with Tim Miller was originally conducted by Entertainment Weekly.

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