In a story from Variety, the future of the Terminator franchise looks to be getting worked out.

Halcyon Holding Group announced today that it hopes to conclude the auction for the rights to the franchise by February 1 as part of its bankruptcy process.

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"Over the past few weeks, Halcyon and its professionals have engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with numerous serious potential buyers, including several major movie studios," Halcyon stated. "In addition, a number of attractive refinancing alternatives have also been presented. In order to maximize the value of a transaction for all of the company's creditors and stakeholders, we are fully analyzing all these options."

One month ago, Halcyon had said that it would figure out by November 20 which offer would be the "stalking horse" and then set the minimum bid price for all the Terminator assets. This are "rights to future Terminator pics, TV series, DVDs and merchandise."

Halcyon says now that it isn't going to do that part of the process.