Now that all the primary cast members are locked in, Terminator: Genesis is starting to round out the supporting cast, bringing on Byung-hun Lee (G.I. Joe Retaliation), Michael Gladis (Mad Men) and Sandrine Holt (House of Cards).

No details were given for any of these new cast members' roles, but The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Byung-hun Lee's role, "promises to be a doozy." They join a cast that includes Arnold Schwarzenegger as a T-800 Terminator, Jason Clarke as John Connor, Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, J.K. Simmons as a detective who has been obsessed with the Terminator/Sarah Connor case since 1984 and Dayo Okeniyi, who signed on last week to play the son of Cyberdyne engineer Miles Dyson.

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The story is said to be a continuation of the original franchise, tying up previous story threads while taking into consideration the passage of time between the two movies. For instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently revealed that his Terminator character will have aged, which explains why his character will look older. Danny Dyson was portrayed by the young DeVaughn Nixon in 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day, with Joe Morton playing his father Miles Dyson. Dayo Okeniyi is portraying an older version of Danny in Terminator: Genesis.

Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) is directing from a script by Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) and Laeta Kalogridis (White House Down), with David Ellison producing and providing the financing through his Skydance Productions company. Principal photography is slated to begin in New Orleans next month.