J.K. Simmons is in talks to join the cast of Paramount and Annapurna Pictures' Terminator: Genesis, in a role that is speculated to be Hal Vukovich, originally portrayed by Lance Henriksen in the original classic The Terminator.

While the character's identity has not been confirmed, J.K. Simmons is reportedly playing a "weary and alcoholic detective who has followed a bizarre case involving Sarah Connor and robots for more than three decades." He has been following the case since 1984, the same year the original Terminator was set in.

Ain't It Cool News points out that neither Vukovich, nor his partner Ed Trexler (Paul Winfield) were confirmed to be killed on screen in the original movie, while the story from The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Terminator: Genesis will "thread together multiple ideas" from the previous movies.

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Regardless of who he is playing, J.K. Simmons joins a cast that also includes Jason Clarke as John Connor, Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor and Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also coming back as a Terminator, but it isn't known if he will be good or bad.

Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) is directing from a screenplay by Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis. Production is scheduled to begin this spring.

J.K. Simmons will next be seen in the Sundance Film Festival hit Whiplash. He also currently stars on the NBC sitcom Growing Up Fisher, which premiered last month.