Paramount decided to show their hand in terms of the actual Terminator Genisys plot today when they debuted the full-length trailer. This action-packed look at the sequel, which brings Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic T-800 back into a fractured timeline, reveals one big shocking plot twist that will surely divide fans and critics alike. We didn't reveal that twist in our initial story on the trailer. And we must issue a stern spoiler warning for anyone who still wants to be surprised when they enter the theater. Read on at your own risk!

Shortly after the full-length Terminator Genisys trailer debuted, EW was quick to catch up with star Jason Clarke who plays a completely different John Connor than we've ever seen portrayed in the franchise. He is no longer the savior everyone thought he would grow up to be. Instead, he has been infected by Skynet and is now a hybrid terminator. Yes, it's true, Skynet has finally found their solution to complete world domination. And it only took several different timeline fractures to achieve this means of reaching the apocalypse.

The story finds Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) and Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) having to contend with their son, who is revealed to be working for Skynet, as they set out to save him from his doomed fate. One would think simply not procreating would be a good cure for ending the reign of evil John Connor. But fate is what they make, and its John's destiny to be born. The new John Connor is sure to confound audiences, and some might not like this new twist. Asked what he thinks about his character's big reveal, Jason Clarke states:

"To quote Spinal Tap: "It turns it up to 11." It takes it from a typical machine chasing the good guys to giving it a bit more complexity within the same realm."

Jason Clarke went onto reveal quite a lot more about his dual role in the film. He's not just good and bad, black and white. He's also man and machine. He explains:

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"[It's] not just the good and bad of one man but the good and the bad of man and machine. Technology has become more and more engrained inside of us and John becomes the ultimate realization of that. It was a lot of fun to play and it was a lot of fun as a group to work out what the boundaries are of that. A lot of it they are still designing. When John gets shot, he experiences the pain, and even though he is a machine at that point, he hasn't experienced the benefits of what he can do. It was a kind of learn as you go. He was aware of it, but he was still experiencing it, still harnessing it, and learning how to dictate it."

Jason Clarke went onto talk about his big fight with star Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also describes finding the perfect balance between man and machine. Asked if his body movement had to change once he becomes infected by Skynet, he reveals:

"It did a little bit in terms of focusing, particularly fighting with Arnold. But I made a decision to make a freer John. He's freed from being a messiah, freed from the burden of knowing the future is set and nothing can change it forever. He's full of possibilities now that he's not fully machine, not fully human. He's something else. He's still evolving. There are still surprises as to what exactly John is ultimately. Is he controllable or not? He's the last throw of the dice by Skynet and he is something that is a lot more than we've ever seen but nobody really knows just where it can go."

Jason Clarke knows that this big plot twist will turn some long-time fans away. It is quite shocking to see the main hero and savior of all mankind become the big bad villain. About that, he says:

"Just hang on. Don't turn off too soon or you'll miss the ride-literally, you know. Just bear with it. It does pay off."

We have a new photo of Jason Clarke as the Skynet controlled John Connor Terminator. We also have the trailer if you want to check it out again, or if you missed the big twist reveal earlier. What do you think? Have you been able to digest this yet? Does it make sense for the franchise to go in this direction? Or did this Terminator Genisys trailer bring the curtain down on a new trilogy before it could even get started?

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